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Welcome to the NASW Press Student Center! We are committed to helping you succeed in your social work education and prepare you for the exciting work you have chosen to do. We offer a wide selection of study tools for research, class work, career planning, and personal use.

Social work faculty throughout the United States and abroad adopt NASW Press books for use in the classroom. NASW Press publishes outstanding textbooks that are reasonably priced for undergraduate and graduate students and offers special book discounts on selected texts. You will also find helpful study guides, career planning resources, and practice texts.

NASW Press journals are among the best in the social sciences and are excellent resources for writing assignments. Student members receive Social Work free online as well as substantial discounts on print and online subscriptions to Health & Social Work, Children & Schools, Social Work Research, and Social Work Abstracts.

Our online databases, hosted by Ovid and Ebscohost, offer approximately 60,000 social work and social welfare abstracts for you to employ while researching the profession. We encourage all graduate schools of social work to submit PhD and DSW graduate dissertation abstracts for publication in the Social Work Abstracts journal. Dissertations must be submitted by the schools, not by individual students. Guidelines and permission forms may be accessed online through the link on this page.

Every social work student needs The Social Work Dictionary and Encyclopedia of Social Work on their bookshelf. These essential reference works are the definitive sources for social work knowledge, terminology, and history, and are unparalleled study tools for licensing and certification exams. They make perfect gifts for social work students. The NASW Press reference work collection also includes a number of other useful informational and statistical resources.

Are you a member of NASW? If not, you should be. NASW is your professional organization and it is your connection to the ideas, information, and people that can help you achieve your full potential. We offer students a remarkable array of benefits for a fraction of regular membership dues. Student members receive the NASW News and Social Work free online and have access to insurance protection, valuable resources, and excellent discounts. Plus, student representatives on every state chapter and national board of directors represent your interests. Want to know more? Join NASW now.

Finally, we have a question for you. You are important to NASW Press and we want to provide products and services that give you the support you need. We'd love to hear from you!